Basketball Orchestra Chinese culture- Shanghai Dialect Current events – debate club
Table Tennis Music Production Chinese culture – tea ceremony Cooking
Badminton Knitting and crotcheting Go green – making our environment better MUN
Judo Chinese Culture- embroidery Creative writing club World Scholars Cup
Yoga Chinese Culture- majiang Charity work
Running Club Chinese Culture-opera Roots and shoots – charity event planning
Touch Rugby Chinese Culture – painting Young Entrepreneurship
Volleyball Chinese Culture-paper cutting
Backgammon Chinese Culture- water sleeve dance
Football Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese culture – weiqi Bead It
Chinese culture – kongfu Jewelry Making
Qi Gong / Taichi Canvas Painting
Chess Paper craft
Dodgeball Flower arranging
Drone Technology Mandala design
Insanity Reaction Lab
Street Dance Senior choir
Guitar club
No kit reinforcement
Combat theatre
Sketch club
Lotions and potions