There are basically three kinds of insurances every year for almost each student.

  • Public Liability Insurance. It is purchased by school for each student. This insurance will give you compensation accordingly if the accidents happened inside school.
  • In-Patient Student Insurance. Parents can choose to pay 90 RMB/year for one child. This in-patient insurance is applied to all students according to the government’s policy. If the students need to stay in hospital for future treatment because of sickness or injuries, they could just pay 50% of the deposit if they have sickness certificate of the in-patient insurance and the certificate issued by school, and when they leave hospital, they also need these certificates to check-out.
  • Shanghai Resident Medical Insurance. It is only applied to the following 3 categories: Shanghai household register holder. Child of the Native Talented Personnel to Be Recruited (start with CW9).Child of the Foreign Talented Personnel to Be Recruited (starting with CR, FR, etc).

The requirement and insurance fee will change every year according to the government’s policy.