This year it has been a pleasure to see the many and varied activities our pupils are engaged in. An all-round education and the personal development of young people depend upon far more than examinations results. It is of course important that our pupils achieve the best that they are capable of in their formal examinations, but a wide range of other stimulating activities are important too.

I have seen our pupils involved in public speaking and debating, musical and dramatic performances, sports events, expeditions, a variety of trips, community service activities and much more. In the coming wekk we have teams in the world championship finals of the World Scholar’s Cup event, and a variety of school trips.

These are the things that pupils remember in years to come about their schooldays… and activities such as these play a significant role in the personal development of our pupils.

David Walsh

Principal, SUIS Hongqiao Gubei Campuses

Jenny Chen

Principal of GB campus