Uniform Store at Wan Yuan Campus opens at present and students and parents are welcome to visit our uniform store for in-store purchase or changing uniform sizes. Please read the information below:

  1. Opening Days:We are open every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Please note: The store is closed on Wednesday, Thursday and Public Holidays.


  1. Opening Hours:9:00am~5:00pm


  1. Store Address:#509-1 Ping Ji Road, Min Hang District, Shanghai (Shanghai United International School, Wan Yuan Campus,near the cross road of Wan Yuan Road)


  1. Payment Method For Purchases:Students and parents can take both Union Pay and      CASH for purchases. (Only Union Pay Card is available)


  1. Online shop store:http://www.graceuniform.com.cn


  1. Service Hotline:021 5429 2526 (Monday to Friday,9:00am~5:00pm)

021 6498 1195*809 (Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Satuday & Sunday 9:00am~5:00pm)


Please call the above hotlines for school uniform inquires.